Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Moving at Market Speed

The market demand for connectivity is growing at a rapid rate. Basic phone and data networks are no longer sufficient to meet the speed and bandwidth needs of residential and commercial markets. Today’s connected households are running multiple devices at once, with family members each streaming their own movies and entertainment, playing sophisticated video games online, connecting via social networks, and shopping Internet retail sites. The increasing demand is no different in commercial environments as software tools, training and employee communications shift to a digital, paperless, online office environment. And Big Data creates even greater demand for reliable connectivity for the mission-critical information that businesses need most.

All of these changes can be accurately considered advancements that enhance personal entertainment, create better access to information and provide a catalyst for boosting business success. But what about the impact to our telecommunications industry? This growing demand requires a proactive response.

At The Wilkins Group, we recognize how this shift in the market impacts our clients. We know that all of the increased activity translates to a real and growing need for faster IP connections across mobile, residential and fixed lines. We also understand that cloud computing is the most efficient way to deliver all of the content our clients’ end users demand with the speed and reliability they’ve come to expect from their telecommunications provider.

How can we help you keep pace with the evolving market? By offering experienced professionals who understand fiber to premise and can install fiber cables that create a connection to the cloud. We’ll make the connection and help you expand according to your market needs.

For a consultation about how The Wilkins Group can connect you with the cloud, contact us.