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The Wilkins Group, Inc.

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    Wilkins Digital Infrastructure

    Digital Infrastructure Services Platform

    Wilkins Digital Infrastructure, LLC (WDI) believes that there is an opportunity for the creation and rapid, profitable growth of a platform business in the Digital Infrastructure Services sector of the converging telecommunications and electrical contracting industries. This growing sector includes services such as:

    • Cell site system integration

    • Distributed antennae systems

    • Fiber distribution (commercial and residential)

    • Security and access control

    • Structured cabling and fiber optics (voice, data, video)

    • Systems integration services

    • Utility audits

    • Wireless networks

    • Design, commissioning, documentation and maintenance of wireless and wire line transmission systems

    • Consulting and network component services

    Digital Infrastructure Services in Richardson, TX

    Wilkins Digital Infrastructure, LLC (WDI)

    WDI has initially identified an opportunity for business development in the southeastern United States, emanating from this region’s relatively poor broadband adoption rates (as low as 24% in some areas) and the simultaneous population and commercial growth within certain second-tier cities (Huntsville, AL and Greenville, SC) and regional markets (i.e. Middle Tennessee, the Carolina’s). In such areas there is an institutional desire to do business with minority business enterprises and few such enterprises exist with the technical and managerial expertise, along with the access to capital, to capitalize on the opportunity.

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